Logistics, Installations, Technical support. 

IS Services company is a team of broadly experienced people especially in services for industry.

Our staff is well trained during years of operation on the market. Based on that experience, we present innovative approach to tasks and expectations of our customers. We manage complicated projects, where broad, specific knowledge is needed. This allows us to operate on different markets like paper industry and logistics.

 We are proud to provide service for branch leaders on markets above mentioned. 

Market: major services that we are specialized in include technical consulting, installation, machinery transfers, services required by customer, engineering support, logistics and integration works.

Based on close and flexible cooperation with our customers IS Services creates individual solutions for each customer. Our aim is to involve You in cooperation with Us and to ensure that you profit by it.


IS Services enters partnerships to run Projects as supervisor of investments according to Construction Management rules.

We undertake, as an integrator, following scope of work:

  • design,
  • tenders,
  • supplier and installation contracting,
  • supervision,
  • conditions of projects realization,
  • monitoring of pending work,
  • start up and commissioning,
  • investment settlement.

 Contract Management quality rules system: 

  • Investor is represented by Project Manager (Project Management).
  • Investment is complex managed by IS Services.
  • Investment is divided to separate tasks (scope of work) mutually coordinated.
  • Contracts is signed directly by Investor’s Project Manager with contractor.
  • Contractors are gained gradually consecutively with technical documentation delivery.
  • Project Manager will monitor Investment Process by final decisions to subsequent stages during realization of investment.
  • Investment risk elimination is prevented by quick reaction to all faults.
  • There is possibility of simultaneous design and realization, what speeds up entire investment process.
  • Project progress is reported directly to Customer’s Manager. 

IS Services offers to customers services of well qualified staff, ensuring carrying on and finishing Investment correctly, according to engineering and technical rules as well as to high quality standards.

Engineering and installation team of IS Services carries on installations on domestic and foreign installation sites. The team speaks English, German and Russian what is important asset for work 

of IS Services in international market.

We hope that it provides you with transparent idea about us before decision making that Industry Service could be your business partner.